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With 20 years of experience, CPI provides an unparalleled scope of hydraulic services to our growing customer base across the entire country. Our team of certified welders and machinists can handle any hydraulic cylinder needs from small cylinders to very large cylinders. Each month we fabricate and rebuild hundreds of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders ranging in size from 5 inches to 40 feet. With our “in-house” capabilities, we have the experience and technical knowledge to have a fast turnaround. We carry a large inventory of chrome rod materials, honed tubing and keep thousands of seals in stock and can special order most seals overnight. Contact us today if you’re interested in or need a hydraulic cylinder repair.

Does your Hydraulic Cylinder need Repair?

There are safety and efficiency concerns related to a damaged hydraulic cylinder. Its always best to be aware of the warning signs that you may have a problem with the cylinders in your hydraulic system.

Compromised cylinder mountings

Hydraulic cylinder mounts should not be loose.  Checking the tightness will help prevent the system parting from the cylinder.

Leaking hydraulic fluid

A leaking line or cylinder is typically caused by a broken seal or compromised fitting.

Cracked piston, barrel or other components

Cracks, rust or other structural damage is an immediate concern on your hydraulic system.  Please call as soon as possible if you see these type if problems.

Unfortunately you will not always see warning signs for hydraulic cylinder issues.  A sudden failure will need our emergency repair services. The Calibrated team of skilled technicians will quickly respond to your needs and provide the most cost effective solution.

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