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Hydraulic Tool Repair

Hydraulic Tool Repair

We have exceptional experience when it comes to repairing hydraulic tools made by Stanley, Geismar, PortaCo & Racine and are an authorized service center for Stanley and PortaCo. Our hydraulic repairs are created in house.  CPI stands behind the quality of our rebuilds and they come with the same warranty as if the factory rebuilt the tool.

We service multiple types of hydraulic tools including:
  • Impact Wrenches
    • CPI technicians repair a range of Hydraulic Impact Wrenches.  Count on complete quality with our rebuilds.
  • Rail Saws
    • A Rail Saw is needed for maintenance & repairs. If your Rail Saw needs repair we will get it fixed quickly.
  • Spike Drivers And Pullers
    • Whether your pulling or driving spikes you need a tool that works. We’ll keep your Spike tools working like new.
  • Tampers
    • Hydraulic tampers are important tools for compressing the soil. Call us when you need them repaired or serviced.
  • Rail Pullers
    • Also known as Rail Stressors our team can repair your Rail Pullers quickly and efficiently.
  • Hammers
    • Railroad hydraulic hammers do the heavy work. Call us when you need repairs

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